What We Offer

Professional Fish in Montenegro

Our Company provides licensed services (Fishing in Montenegro) of sea and lake Fishing. All officials of the company are experienced specialists: fishermen, instructors, boat and they have all the others equipment for a good fishing hunt. Big game fish species are the bluefin tuna, albacore tuna, little tunny, swordfish, amberjacks, and dorados. The month of April is right for little tunnis moving in shoals and work with an average weight of 10-15 kg. This period offers great possibilities for a rich catch. At the beginning of April it’s bluefin tuna time; average weight of 70-80 kg up to 500 kg. In this period with the sea temperature rising, more and more dorados can be found. That’s at the same time the best fishing season (from April to October), where the chances for a big catch are very high! Of course, it should be mentioned that the fishing seasons mostly depend on the sea temperature, the concentration of small bluefish, and the salinity (depending on rainfall and inflow of sweet water). IN ADA BOJANA RIVER FISHING IS AVAILABLE 12 MONTH

Fishing Areas

Discovery some of the Montenegro fishing areas

The river Bojana

The river Bojana (Albanian Buna, Latin Barbana) arises from Lake Skadar. It is 44 km long, and by its water amount brought into the sea it is the third river on the Mediterranean (after the river Nile and Po in Italy). It is a natural habitat for various plants and animals. Both foreign and domestic experts have already identified 143 different species of fish in the delta of the river.The river Bojana is a real natural wander due to its duality. Namely, at some places the bottom of the riverbed is between two and five metres under the sea level before it plunges into the sea. However, the most distinctive feature of the river Bojana is that the bottom of its riverbed is 36 km under the sea level, but in its upper part! This makes the river to be an extraordinary natural phenomenon, especially if its great flow is being considered IN ADA BOJANA RIVER FISHING IS AVAILABLE 12 MONTH

Mediterranean Sea

Our locations are all the Mediterranean sea including River Bojana . Montenegro is small but picturesque country which, in addition to fishing tourism, offers numerous other possibilities, making it a suitable tourist destination for the whole family. The advantages of having a guide on the Montenegro coast and River Bojana which are not actually your backyard.You can expect with us to spend more then 6h journey, whether you are an experienced fisherman or an absolute beginner, our very experienced local fishing guides will always make your visit to Montenegro coast and River Bojana a memorable event. Tunas are the most frequently big game fishing targets at the Adriatic.

What is Included in the price

From your arrival in Montenegro, on our airport or any border, we organize your transport to the hotel or the terrains.
Depending on the agreed location, with our vehicles we will take you to the booked location.
During you whole stay here, we remain at your disposal.

The accommodation is in a decent hotel or fishing area. Some of the hotels have spa center, massage center, free wifi. Mainly, the accommodation is in double rooms on a full board basis or lunch package when you suppose to go to the terrains.
For the big game fishing, the accommodation is asualy near the sea.

All fishing equipment are included.During your trip you will carry on your Fishing license for your legitimate Fishing trip.

We have all the necessary certificates for the big game fishing.

Other activities

During your stay here, if there is time for free activities, we will provide daily tours to some of the most interesting cities across Montengro. Here you can find lots of natural beauties, historical monuments, beach, etc…